Farewell, cue the Robin

April 7, 2011
By , Bayside, NY
Goodbye he says,
With no second glance,
Maybe we'll meet,
When we get the chance.

She smiles, a pretty smile,
And nevertheless,
She knows that he's lying,
But doesn't regret.

He shamelessly steps--
Into the corridors,
She follows his way,
And doesn't look back.

Goodbye, goodbye, he says,
And doesn't turn back,
She sighs softly,
But never regrets.

Goodbye, goodbye, she says,
(I've loved you so,
And if it weren't for you,
I'm not sure if I'd be here)

His breathing hitches,
While she turns to retreat,
He looks over his shoulder,
But their gazes don't meet.

The door closes, as he turns to depart,
She doesn't look up,
She doesn't speak,
It is only a matter of time,
Before she comes to see,
That there isn't much more,
For her to believe.

Farewell, farewell,
And to bed she goes,
Dreams of some summers,
A long time ago.

Outside her window,
A robin perched,
Stares at the girl,
But does not disturb.

Farewell, farewell,
"Only happenstance," she says,
But all she can feel,
Is the knot in her chest.

The robin leaps,
And it flies; it flies,
She looks to the window,
And isn't sure why.

Farewell, farewell,
"Someday we'll meet,"
She believes her own words,


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