Kidnapping the Color

April 7, 2011
By juliaalexis BRONZE, Northborough, Massachusetts
juliaalexis BRONZE, Northborough, Massachusetts
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Millions of petals,
Daisies and Daffodils,
Chrysanthemums and Roses galore.

The night time is coming with its
partner in crime,
to end a day of color and excitement.

The random placement almost seems angelic,
as if each spot was purposefully put there on accident.

The ocean and lonely puddles,
swallow the joy of color whole,
gaining momentum and eagerness
to destroy the rainbowed Earth.

Happiness and youth,
swept up in the hype
of the night and deathly ocean
leaves the world
without individuality.

The flowers are being
kidnapped by the dark.

With only blue and black,
Wild waves left to take their place.

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