i love you and miss you

March 30, 2011
Standing there holding your hand and remembering those times we had with each other and we loved each other so much. I care for you so much I loved you more than anything else. We hold hands people walk past and we don’t care you move close to me and you gave me a kiss on the cheek before you left me forever. I remember as you lips hit my cheek like a gun hitting your body and you heart. I know it was pain but when it did hit you feel asleep as if you was in a cloud and sleeping in air. I love you like forever and I will still love you like no one really would. I will miss you like a little 4 years old lost her hamster. Cried all the time wishing you can come back so I can feel your kisses on my cheek and feel you hand feeling my hands as if you was with me. I wish you was here why did you leave me like I left something and never came back. Can you come and see me will I ever see you again ?

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