that girl

March 30, 2011
By biancaaa BRONZE, Perth, Other
biancaaa BRONZE, Perth, Other
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behind that smile, is a girl who wants to do nothing but frown.
behind that laugh, is a girl who wants to do nothing but cry.
behind that 'I'm fine', is a girl who's simply trying to hide the pain.
behind those big brown eyes, that seem to sparkle brighter then the stars, is a girl who has shed a thousand and one tears today alone.
behind that girl, is a story you'll probably never know.
but if your the one she frowns around,
cries on your shoulder,
falls asleep in your arms, because your the only one she feels safe around,
and tells you what she wants,
then listen
be there for her with open arms,
and do whatever it takes,
whatever the cost,
whatever the effort,
to make her happy.
Because it will all be worth it when she finally looks at you and smiles,
says shes great,
and shares with you those 3 special words...
i love you,
it will all be worth it because the only thing behind that i love you, is meaning...
so do whatever it takes, because this girl has had enough, suffered enough, and been through enough, and she chose you to speak out to.

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