Oh What to Wear

April 6, 2011
By Loganatmo BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Loganatmo BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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I woke up this morning, and couldn’t decide what to wear.
I saw pants, shorts, long sleeve, no sleeve… but it was too hard to decide.
I tried on some basketball shorts, Nike shoes, and a Michael Jordan shirt.
I put on khakis, dress shoes, a button up plaid shirt.
I thought maybe I should take a break and eat breakfast.
I returned, only to find flip-flops and Hollister shirts to hold me up longer.
I put on cowboy boots, jeans, and a big belt buckle to hold ‘em up.
I thought maybe some Adidas sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt, looking comfy.
I tried skinny jeans, vans and a v-neck, to change things up a little.
I thought maybe I should take a break and eat a little lunch.
I returned, yet again, with new things deterring me: Crocs, jean shorts, and polos.
I thought better, and tried on a vest with a tie, but that wasn’t for me.
I thought maybe I should mix and match Nike shoes, khakis, and a Hollister shirt.
I thought maybe Crocs, skinny jeans, with a big belt buckle, Jordan shirt.
I thought maybe flip-flops, basketball shorts, and a v-neck.
I thought maybe I should take another break for a little dinner.
I returned, and for once I knew exactly what I needed to wear:
As I crawled into bed, my Mario pajamas drew a victorious grin from my lips.

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