The Man with White Hair

April 6, 2011
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I hear the silent screams from the building,

I see eyes begging to be helped,

I feel the tears washing around me,

As I walk through the building.

Dreams crushed by the man with white hair,

No one can stop him,

I see him walking threw the building,

Day in and day out, stalking, waiting for another piece of pray.

And right before my eyes I see the man with white hair strike,

slashing at someone's heart, making them cry rivers and rivers of tears,

But the man with white hair gives them no mercy as they sink into the river of tears,

He walks away as if nothing happened, not bothering to look back at the pain he has caused.

People fear him, fear that if they make one mistake their love for the building will be crushed by him,

As the man with white hair walks into a room the adults eyes glaze over with fear and they swallow hard,

As he walks by you can almost see the ice that flows from his heart, attacking people left and right,

And the man with white hair just keeps on walking, without a care.

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