April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Sunsets show their finesse
While the days feel so colorless

Staring into excellence

Time stands still at a glance through the eyes
For the moment of surprise

The vibrant sky

The blend from yellow to red
And many questionable paths ahead

Looking past the troubles

The sight you can't sell
And wondering why you're caught in this spell

With a slow deep breath

You walk across the sand
The light slowly sneaking behind land

The fragrance of the sea

And a light mist
Convinces me this all exists

The cool touch of water

While the waves hit the shore
All of this is the peacefulness I adore

Ducking behind the horizon

I must mark this as a highlight
The simple purples and blues of twilight

The scene before me faded

In the last moments before resilience
The gloom began to swallow the brilliance

The color is quickly blown out like a candle

I'm sure you would agree
That It was too soon to flee

My footprints follow my path

Turning away for the empty sight
Now waiting for tomorrows last light

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