The Blank White Box

April 2, 2011
The Blank Box sits in front of you
Staring at your steady face

It’s starting to be impatient
Come on, come on just start already! Yells
The Blank White Box

Suddenly you pick up your magic wand

Scratching it down You start slow—
Then you go fast
There is no worry, there is no rush
As you chisel away on
The Blank White Box

The curves, the turns, the lines

The shades, the technique, the designs
Your imagination flows
You can’t stop
You start to smile as you fill,
The Blank White Box

The Blank White Box?

What are you talking about?
The box is filled with your creation, your power
The imagery, the color looks so right

This is yours, your master piece
As you look… At your artwork

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