You Can Achieve Anything

April 2, 2011
By littlerun BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
littlerun BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
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Early in the morning
Outside in the cold fall weather
We hear the whistle blow
And we all get on the line
The flag is lifted and the gun goes off
We all run off like stampeding buffalo
I take off in front
And take the lead
My mind is strong
My body is strong
I knew I'd win this race
I ran real swift
With my spikes on my feet
I can see the first mile mark up ahead
5:41 5:42
I heard while passing the first mile mark
Running up and down
And through the woods
I could finally see the finish line
I began to pick up the pace
As the crowd began to cheer
My adrenaline began to increase
I love a footrace to the finish
As I passed the finish line
And smoked the rest
The crowd was loud
And a smile began to grew on my face
And then I said to myself
"I just took first place."

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