I Know

April 2, 2011
By SeasofSorrow GOLD, Miami, Florida
SeasofSorrow GOLD, Miami, Florida
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Maybe I'm vastly confused
Yet I can make sense of your indecision
Because I can get into the car
And those leveled eyes are more unbalanced
Than the usual insecurity shows

I can tell your lips are moist with expectancy
I can't see the exact truth
Yet I still know
I don't need to hear the words
I know
Is it him or her?
When I can see the tempation in your eyes
To hide away from my understanding
To lie
Or to just not say the words I know

Is it this or that?
I still know
Romantic shivers pass through me
I feel giddy with relief
I don't need you to tell me
I know
I feel dead
Because I know

The seat is hot
A bad decision of shorts instead of pants
I should have known you'd park and wait for me under the hot sun
I have to curl up to get away from the heat
I can tell your waiting for me to adjust
I just know you are

I can feel the tremor in your heart
The pulse is delayed from simply
Knowing my reaction
I know as well as you know
I wont enjoy the truth
Who would?
I don't know

Was it wrong or right?
Morals are enunciated without actual force
Still whether the mistake was made with bad timing
Or made with purposeful intent to wound
It was known that I would hate it
It really sucks

I can't tell if your scared
Not really
You still have to tell me
It doesn't matter whether you want to or not
You have to
I know you do

Just get it over with
I'll make this easier on both of us
You don't have to cope with the reaction
I'll stay quiet
I'll be alone
You know I always am

I don't want to be lied to
So thank you for telling me
I appreciate that you did what you had to do anyway
Not that it wasn't possible to procrastinate
You just don't do that do you?

I'm glad you didn't waste more time
I really hate you right now
It will change
I just need to pretend
I can nod and drift my eyes towards the leaves that are soaring through the air
You can think I'm thinking
I'm really just looking at the leaves

I know
I've always known
It took you so long to tell me
It only happened a week ago
Maybe more
Maybe less
Who knows?
It happened
And I hate knowing

The author's comments:
Sometimes you really want to hear something you already know from the person itself. It just really sucks to have it confirmed...

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