April 2, 2011
By splorter GOLD, Royal Oak, Michigan
splorter GOLD, Royal Oak, Michigan
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i fear that this memory of you will be my final.
we watch your face, pulsing in and
out of consciousness
Image a more intangible oblivion
since the last time i saw you
The declining proportions of a
person who was once so
aesthetically educated, becoming
as listless and desolate as i.
Androgynous angel watches you
crippling your bones, helplessly aging to a beat.
We peer through the glass, and how refreshing it is!
delusion of life seems almost authentic. Trees
leave me utterly breathless, until the
vermilion cavities tremble you to the bone, sobriety engraving
your dated promises
into that familiar, flamboyant snarl.
how i long to pull you underwater--
eroding your sanity with everything no one has thought of
with my single unrestricted hymn.
until, it's nonexistent.
but the Angel suggests a truth.
your objections are undermined by the continual reclining
of my eyes
longing for a final glimpse into
the obsession encompassing your
soulless corpse.
i fear that this memory of you will be my final. And that
you will awake from your slumber, only to realize that your side of the bed
never belonged to you in the first place.

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