Ways of Life

April 2, 2011
Take life day by day
Step by step
Play by play
Rep by rep
Make your way
Because you can’t live
Your life for the future
And you can’t live
For the past
If so then I ask
What life do you have?

The soul brought to you
Might be your match
Or not because they
Didn’t light your fire
Due to an aspect that
He or she Lack

Life will give you lemons
Or throw them in your face
Some people fold
When not dealt an ace
Growing old
With memories
They cannot erase

Life goes up and down
Like a roller coaster
Hopefully more smiles
Than frowns
And joyous screams
Than horrifying ones
From scary dreams
Or terrible realities
False actualities and
The Factuality of

Life will not reveal
Some achievements
As if meant to be
Kept secret
To Humble
You for success
So you won’t feel
Less than you are
When you fall
Or Tumble

Life can be a blur
In moments
We are all naïve
The truth we
Try to conceive
So we do not
Make similar
For the sake
Of moving on
To better things
That are Great!

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