A Simple Smile

April 2, 2011
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Just a Smile

A new beginning,
a fresh start,
she takes a deep breath.
Jumps out of her dads Red Jeep,
as well as her comfort zone.

Kids surrounding her,
yelling cruel names at each other from across the school yard.
She felt like she was walking into the Coliseum,
expecting a fight from every corner.
Who knew high school could be so harsh.

The first bell rings,
a wave of kids rushing down the hallways.
Packed tightly like sardines.
The smell of sweat so bitter,
It made my eyes water.

She feels so lonely,
with no way to communicate.
Who ever knew a language could build so many walls.

Looking around in class,
trying to find comfort in someone,

She made eye contact with a young girl,
No words were exchanged,
No hand shake was made.

a universal gesture,
can make one feel loved.

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