Fallen Angel

April 1, 2011
By Anonymous

A broken hearted, broken winged angel
Trapped in the dark
Softly weeps to herself.
She’s sacrificed everything,
She’s lost it all,
And now she’s Fallen and all alone

She takes the extended hand
Of seductive Death,
But where he leads, she cannot go.
She breaks away and finds herself
Stranded in a world she does not know

Here she hears a soft tune
That carries through
And penetrates the mind
Here she finds, here she embraces
The darkest part of her soul

She abandons all hope
She abandons her love
And lets her blood flow read
Until it’s stained the sky

She chooses to forget, chooses not to cry
Decides to harden her heart
Throws away the life she knew
And accepts her fate as a Fallen

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