Sometimes I Think Of You

April 1, 2011
By Wyatt386 BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Wyatt386 BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Sometimes I think of you
And wonder how you've been
Are you with him right now?
Should i just drop my pen?
Let it roll away from me
And never write again
Because when i write my poetry
I write it to a girl
A certain girl that's on my mind
She's running through my head
Sometimes it is of happy thoughts
Of love and kisses sweet
Other times its sad thoughts
Things that bring me grief
Dont ask if this is one of them
I truely do not know
I dont know much
Only what i think
Sometimes i think of happy days
Sometimes i think of rain
Other times i think of love
And wonder if it's real
Sometimes i think of losing her
Wonder if i could make things right
Sometimes i think i'll try
Sometimes i think its not worth it
Sometimes i just don't care
But in the end it's all just thoughts
Never to come true
Which brings me to the saddest thought
Sometimes i think of you

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