I am me

April 1, 2011
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I will not look upon the day like it should be changed. Rather look upon the day as the way you should see it. Not everything is bad, and not everyone needs money to make there life great. I will not enslave myself upon the multitudes of every day things, for I am not yet old enough for that. I have not a job to support myself or bills to pay. I have not a car to drive around and therefor no gas to buy. I have my school my job in life. I have friends whom I need nothing but to listen and enjoy. I am me, a simple girl. One as though I may be misunderstood, I am different in my own way. However is it not true that everyone is? I am myself all the way and so are you. We are two different people, we may be different races, different genders, or even different religions. Still this world goes on and I will not change; not for you or anyone else. Only for myself will I take upon the privileges to challenge myself and make life better in its own.

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