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April 4, 2011
By Domming SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
Domming SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Forgive. Forget. Move FORWARD.

I am from collard green Sundays. I am from grandparents sneaking you money when parents aren’t looking. I am from belt whoopings, butt burning, ‘did you just say what I think you said?, I am from, I’m gonna stop what I’m doing because you just gave me the look. I am from old hymns, ‘what a friend we have in Jesus, all my sins and griefs to bare.’ I am from mom moms who know how to throw down in the kitchen and aunts and uncles who will never leave my side.

I am from the big house across from the park. I am from that neighborhood that has loud kids, green grass, and tall trees. I am from the pavement that has met my bottom too many times: First bike ride, first roller blades, and first skate board. I am from barbecuing for just the family in the backyard.

I am from the rosebush that never stops growing and the dandelion that I never stop wishing on.

I from going over aunts houses to watch TV, eat, and play pinochle. I am from the country side that leaves nothing but mosquito bites, sweated out hair, and memories. I am from the chicken coop and the dogs. I am from the strong and the everlasting. I from Laura and Larry, Cottman and Furrowh.

I am from the never gonna give ups, keep persisting, and if you try- you won’t fail. I am from macaroni and fried chicken. I am from sitting between my mother’s legs while she drives a comb through my huge hair. I am from braids and back of the neck bee-bee’s. I am from showing up unannounced and still being welcomed in, just because you’re family.

From all I want you to do is succeed and be the best you can be, and do as I say not as I do.

I am from early Sundays. I am from late Sundays. I am from squirming in my chair because it’s hot and the sermon seems to be going on and on. I am from Jesus Christ. I am from scripture lessons, and Sunday School. I am from not just the love my family provides, but the love my church provides.

I’m from that small place on the map, Delaware, which no one knows about- despite being the first state. I’m from that place that on Friday and Saturday’s you are either at a friend’s house or the mall. I’m from steaming sweet potatoes and greens that’ll make your mouth water.

From the bold and the beautiful. From the piling in a mini van and traveling to Virginia. From the red car that everyone knows your dad drives. From the mints that my aunt would always have in her purse and give to me and my cousins. From the always having each others backs. From not letting an outsider talk about an insider.

I am from a family that will always be remembered. I am from the Dunleith crew. I am from preachers and teachers. I am from boxes and boxes of family pictures. I am from the love of a family that couldn’t be broken even if you tried. I am from sweet kisses on the forehead and wet kisses on the cheek. I from Boulden church. I am from Easter dresses. I’m from African garbs. I’m from sticking it out even when the going gets tough. I am from God, from love, from hope, from the ones who will never be forgotten, and from heartache, tears, sadness, but I am also from happiness, the ones who can overcome, the fighters, the ones who can bring themselves out of a mess they may have gotten into, I’m from the dreamers and achievers, I am from the faithful and trusting, all that and more.

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Mommers<3 said...
on May. 10 2011 at 10:35 pm
I love it Sweetie!!!  Continue to be strong and creative.


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