Just for you

April 6, 2011
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You made me try harder,
You made me fight for our love,
In a battle feild with thousands of warriors fighting for the same thing,

You encased me into your soft silky sky blue wings,
Wrapping me up into my own little world,
We traveled the world you an I,
In your cocoon, in our cocoon.

You made me smile when you approched,
You made my heart throb when you touched my hand.

Why did you have to leave?
You left me bare, wanting, needing your arms around me,
My mind in a swirl, not understanding that you didn't want to leave,
You left without a choice.

I look down and see you every year now,
My heart aching, wanting to be with you,
But I know, if you were here,
You'd make me try harder.

And my love,
Until I join you in the puffy white clouds above,
My heart will always be yours,
And I will always try my hardest.

Just for you...

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