April 6, 2011
There was once a time where we were all little,
smiles were forever painted on our faces,
all we wanted was to grow up.
We wouldn't spend hours looking at our reflection.
We wouldn't cry over boys.
And we thought we were unstoppable, with our piggy tails and miniature book bags.
What ever happened to those days were the only paint we put on our faces was the kind that you get a carnivals, why do we take notice of all the things that are wrong, and simply walk by the beauty in life without so much as blinking.
There was a time were we were all little children,
we thought we were invincible, and we thought we wanted to grow up.

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BeautifulSkye said...
May 4, 2011 at 10:52 am

i like this:) its very insperational


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