Heart Beat

April 6, 2011
I could feel the pain

The pain that is in her eyes

The eyes seem broken

Unfixed like shattered glass

I look at the clock

And thought to myself..

"Time is keeping us apart"

I look at her

Seeing her broken smile

My hand holding hers

I tell her not to go

She said nothing..

She was quiet.


The hospital bed.

It seems so lonely

It's cold

A chill went through me

I look at the clock again

Time has stopped

I felt so empty..

I look at her again..

But it's different this time..

Cause all i see is..


I close my eyes

Blocking out the world

Holding her hand..

Keeping her safe

I open up my eyes And all i see is myself

Next to this hospital bed alone..


She's gone..

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Victoria_P said...
May 3, 2011 at 2:36 pm
oh my gosh. this is really good. i started to cry. your a good writer.
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