When the Rain Falls

March 29, 2011
By , North Platte, NE
When the Rain Falls
I lounge on wet pavement,
Dressed In already damp clothes,
And enjoy the waters descent
As it cools my warm skin

Rain drops kiss my face,
The stars hang suspended
In the far reaches of space
Twinkling in the distance

When I'm thinking of you
I shall close my eyes
And picture yours ice blue
Twinkling, not unlike the stars

In my naive mind
Your eyes look at me
With feelings, in kind
But, only in my imagination

The rain drops wash away
The stresses I gather
Through out each and every day
Just so I can start anew tomorrow

They fall evenly on the ground
Like tears from the heavens
Making more beautiful, everything around,
Which is a miracle in itself

The rain, strengthens each sweet smell,
Makes everything look as it should,
Sounds like secrets only the earth can tell,
And brings everything to a perfect harmony

Life seems almost right
For just this moment
For just this night
When the rain falls

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bbeast said...
May 4, 2011 at 3:00 pm
Awesome! I really like rain, and I think you've finally explained to me why. Thanks!
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