Step Back

March 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I hear the rain coming
Quicker, faster, stronger
It sounds like a sweet melody
It washes over me
And like smooth hands
It dances across my skin
The words embrace me
As it whispers
Everything's okay now

It falls like the tears
Of a thousand tortured souls
Out of the cold, dark skies
Coming to set me free

I feel it seep into my skin
Clinging to my impurities
And washing them away
Cleansing me of all my mistakes

I wish I could lay down
Fall asleep
Letting all the bitterness wash me away
Melt into the misery, and never return

But now I know I can't
I know I have to keep going
Make it through, stay strong
It isn't my time
Of that I'm sure
So for now
I'll stand here with you
As we watch our what if's slowly drain away
And the sun dries our faces
And everything's okay now

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