A Thousand Kisses Deep

March 29, 2011
A thousand kisses deep.
A dalliance so sweet.
Demure dulcet your lips they be.
You made me go more kisses deep.

You made my soul cry upon the moon and sigh.
And I wish you would just look to me and maybe acknowledge for a time.
That though there was no loving connection.
There was true and pure detection.

Ephemeral was our dalliance.
Evanescent was our kiss.
Imbroglio is our relation.
My text and calls no lasting relation.

I am not one for confrontation.
Ineffable is my connection.
This labyrinthine that you have created.
Make me feel so much so hated.

Lissome is what you thought me.
While you were a bit portly.
Love they say is deep affection.
But we have no more connections.

A panacea is was I need.
To clean the oil from my sea.
But I will be pyrrhic.
I will stand my ground.

The serendipity of meeting you.
Are your surreptitious rumors true.
For you have left me leading on.
Full on forward woebegone in.
A thousand kisses deep.

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