what is enough

March 29, 2011
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It wasn't enough ..
I wasn't enough ..
it's not about me..
but as his image leaves my eyes
his scent disappears from my nose
his laughter doesn't ring bells in my ears any more and his name is even harder to exit from my mouth
but my brain is confused with my heart ..my beliefs has changed on love
it's not for me
it never has been
and everyday that passes I have to live with this
the constant reminder that I mess up and making it better
is the part I can't get through ...
I want a family ..I want to be whole this time..but my pieces
are shattered over the floor of no return ..
..and as common as this question is ..
there is still no answer ..
it wasn't enough ..
so my new question is...
what is enough? and can you help me find it

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