Best Friend

March 29, 2011
By VictoriaTaylorBrowning BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
VictoriaTaylorBrowning BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Not a friend. A predator.
You pounced when I was weakest;
you kicked me when I was down.
You caused the pain, and you made it linger.
Wanting me to feel this way.

We were always disagreeing,
always fighting.
You were always the one to win,
making me feel guilty for thinking,
for having my opinions.
So I was always hurting, always begging.
And you watched with satisfaction at my defeat.
You told me I was nothing, and that was all I would ever be.
And for a while I might of believed you.

I told you all my secrets
and you kept them hidden away
not because you cared, but so you could hold them over my head.
So you could laugh as you watched me squirm.
You were suffocating me,
taking me away from where I wanted to be
and forcing me to fit somewhere else.

Maybe I should have noticed, but you played your game so well.
I was alone and you were there.
And that was all I thought I needed.
You forced your opinions on me,
and never let me have my own voice.
I settled in your shadow;
because that's all you made me think I would ever be.
But now I see through your lies and your games.
It came to me like a slap in the face, but all along I guess I knew.

But while hurting me you made me stronger.
Do you see who I am now?
Do you see what you were always putting down?
It was your fault I was overlooked,
but now I intend to shine brighter than ever.
Covering you with your own smoke.
I do not want revenge
just for you to understand.
So thank you for all your harm,
and it's all on you that I am who I am.

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