did Lois really love Superman?

March 29, 2011
it's too bad if She did
imagine girls swooning over an idolized character
when you're the only one who knows that
that's not who He really is.
not ever close.

and you know His favorite color is blue.
the blue infused with the morning mountain air
is too pale though.

He prefers the blue laced around the stars and moon.

He tells you that the stars are supposed to take all the credit

and the indigo blue just keeps a tight hold on them,

making sure they don't spiral out of control and find

their way down to reality.

but you know better.
He prefers to be the star so omnipotent, so luminous,
held tightly in the grasp of his alter ego, reminding him
That times almost up, and that stars do eventually burn out.

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