I Live The Dream

March 31, 2011
By Cowgurrrl197 BRONZE, Spartanburg, Pennsylvania
Cowgurrrl197 BRONZE, Spartanburg, Pennsylvania
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Every night when I go to bed
I have the dream,
In my dream I see my life,
I live the dream,

Bonfires in the summer,
Friends and family gather,
We run barefoot,
Long into the night,
I live the dream,

4th of July picnic,
Fireworks till midnight,
Reds, blues, greens, and yellows,
All flash wildly in the pitch black sky,
I live the dream,

Cider making in the fall,
Gathering the apples,
Long days picking apples,
Finally we make the cider,
I live the dream,

I take big long gulps,
The cider smooths my throat,
I taste the cinnamon,
The spices make it good,
I live the dream,

When the cold comes,
We all shudder,
The temperature,


and colder,
I live the dream,

Thanksgiving is here,
We all come together,
To give thanks,
Because we live the dream,

The pond freezes over,
We skate ,and skate ,and skate,
Till our feet ache and burn,
I live the dream,

We wait out the cold,
With warm cozy nights,
Sitting by the fire,
I live the dream,

Finally spring comes,
I feel the earth,
Under my barefeet,
For the first time since winter came,
I live the dream,

When summer does come,
It will start all over again,
The bonfires, the fun,
And the dream,

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