First Date

March 31, 2011
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One hour until he gets here
Hair is in a frizzy bun
Sweats, huge pimple, and no make-up
Something must be done!

Pop that pesky whitehead
Straighten hairs till each one's fried
Mascara on my lashes
Nervous butterflies inside

Push up my lacking chest
Squeeze into too tight jeans
Skip the heels, he's not that tall
Shoot--I swear that shirt was clean!

Spray perfume till I choke on fumes
And test six different shoes
Ready. But wait! Didn't brush my teeth
Too late--mints will have to do

Doorbell rings, my moment has come
Check myself out for a millionth time
"It's for you!" Mom yells as I pace my room
Okay, time for her daughter to shine

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