On the Wings Of A Horse

March 31, 2011
By Music4Life GOLD, Duluth, Minnesota
Music4Life GOLD, Duluth, Minnesota
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Majestic beast
Undeniable beauty
Pure freedom
Gentle soul
Caring heart
Kind eye

On the wings of a horse
I have learned so much
How to read body language
That eyes tell all
How beautiful silence can be

On the wings of a horse
Riding solo
But never alone
Best friend
Role model

On the wings of a horse
Cuddle in his warmth
Whisper sweet nothings in his ear
Marvel in the beauty of his eye
Feel the power of his muscles

On the wings of a horse
Dreams come true
Miracles occur
Freedom is felt

On the wings of a horse
Humans find flight
Feel the wind in your face
Sweet smell of horse

On the wings of a horse
Human and beast
Meld together
Body and brain
Learning from each other
Living life in the moment

On the wings of a horse
Best thoughts are come to
Horse is the perfect companion
Ideal collaboration
Instantaneous harmony

On the wings of a horse
You realize
The horse is the precise personality match

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