The Man I Wish I Knew

March 31, 2011
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From time to time I think of you.
From time to time I had wish I knew.
The writer, the man that open my eyes and had made me see.

Day by day I sat reading your book.
Day by Day I wonder what they had took.
The writing, the words that you spoken had made you seem lost to the world and society.

Month by month when I had finish the book,
you still stayed with in my mind.
Month by month you had never left in any way,
emotional or physical.

As I read your book and though of you,
It made me see what other couldn't before.
As I lie awake at night,
I stay thinking that I had wish I was one of the people that had helped you.

Now I sit here. In the dark thinking.
Thinking about you and how it worked out for you.
Christopher Badger,
you are the man I wish I knew.

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