March 31, 2011
By , chicago, IL
Heavy rain forecast, mostly cloudy, and a temperature at about 23 degrees. I'm afraid, I'm scared, but my coach keeps giving me confidence and inspirational quotes. I began to get dressed. I put my girdle on and scared that my oppenent is going to kill me. I put my pants on and I'm afraid I will not do well. I put my cleats on and I'm afraid we're going to lose. I then put my shoulder pads on and think I will get blindsided. I put my jersey on and start to feel a little more confident. I put my helmet on and I begin to get strength all through out my body. The team gets in a line and I feel energized like a wild cougar hunting for prey. We run out to the field and run around the field. I then feel like I'm unstoppable and nothing can stop me like I can tackle whoever and whenever. The pre-game clock counts down to zero and the game is getting ready to begin. By this time I think I'm god nobody is better then me, I have confidence out his world, I know we'll win, and I am scared of no one.

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