S[he] Be[lie]v[d]

March 25, 2011
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I’m not a toy, so stop playing me.
I’m not car, so stop using me.
I’m not a test, so stop cheating.

When will you ever learn?
I don’t deserve you, I deserve much better.
One who can trust and believe me, unlike you.
I should be the one questioning you.

You acted like a little kid, complaining, arguing, until you got your way.
Well, now it’s my turn...
I’m done with you and your sarcasm.
I’m done with the fights, all started by you.
I’m done with feeling I did something wrong.
I haven’t, not ever, nor will I ever.
I have respect.

So listen up,
the player lost at his own game.
So how’s it feel.
Pretty bad, right?
That’s not even the half you put me through.
I just gave you too many chances to “change.”
That never worked and it took me until now to realize it.
So I feel bad for the next girl, you trick, and the way you treat her.
If there is a next girl, because it sure as hell isn’t going to be me.

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