When Above All Else Fails

March 30, 2011
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When above all else fails
There is one thing to do
When people leave
Because they distrust you
When complications arise
You keep looking forward
When you fall put your head up
Don't look like a coward
When an obstacle feels like gravity
Jump over to defy it
When the laws of emotions let you down
Create your own to make them fit
When distractions blind you
To what's really important
When the darkness thickens
Listen to what you couldn't
When your circuit board of ideas
Are shut down as unimportant
When your wires have been cut
Get new ones cause you can
When the pedal to your motivation
Has flown off the handle
When the chain that makes you move
Snaps as easy as a candle
When difficulties squish you
And you're up against a wall
When the thing that's got you blocked
Always seems to make you fall
When your climbing up a mountain
That makes you want to quit
When walking through a desert
And the heat steels your spit
When headed for a waterfall
And no one threw you some slack
When above all else fails
Keep looking forward and don't look back

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