Clock Stuck Three

March 31, 2011
By Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
Urisan GOLD, Grayson, Georgia
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"every heart break is another wound, the key is to let it scar.. carry the memory with you dont forget it, it makes you who you are and teaches you how not to treat other people you love.. a scar is proof you healed.. have pride in your scars!!................ " by Dalila Christen Roman

Don't justify your lies too me

To save us both, I'll set you free

Don't act like you ever cared

Because, when I look back

I only found your knife there

You can lie all you want

But, we both know what really went on

They say, the truth will set you free

well where were you when the clock stuck three?

When will all your lies end

I wont stand here to be your victim again

To fall and follow you blindly

You took enough from me

When did you became so pathetic

The only time you feel good is

When you make others feel sick

It's funny how the world works

The people who do the best

Always get the worst

Just remember this my friend karma is a b****..

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