I Put Tears In My Lovers Eyes

April 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Red slit on the limb of my hand equal to flee.
Sitting on yellow, with ears holding Cudi.
Tempting hazels asks for the gate to sleek and tight.
But it chose to slip away from my congested mind
Witnessed common named boy toying with white flower.
Such a romance spews knowledge to be empowered.
Scott rants hold the phone.
But I own no phone to hold.
Restraining me to interface with eyes of baby.
The blues my blues will soon lay upon with shading.
Our father chooses to make spring unserious
Two hours more to waste puts stress on materfamilias
Wondering where their bloods will stand without learning,
Still at a loss in negative because your home was burning.
It’s such a tragedy how this earth is often changing faster
Bombs, diseases,and natural disasters.
This melody was his favorite
He breathed it, lived it and tasted it.
Every time he heard it he cried.
It described his lonely tired life.
Hazel asks not to be alone while she makes her face,
Her gorgeous flawless face.
That man of far countries loves and cherishes
To comfortable to acknowledge embarrassment.
Products can’t create protection.
Honest beauty is only found in imperfections.
If I accept to be company I’ll fail to embrace baby for long
After aching for him in previous moons that would be wrong.
The second I see baby I’ll fall into his eyes and look into the middle
Love him so bad I’d recite vows and buy cradles
Fast is only a word used for speed limits
When your in love it’s impossible to get speeding tickets.
Faster or slower
Higher or lower
Feelings like these don’t just float away into unknown spaces
When letting go you must carefully place them
Throw them into the grey fog and watch them disappear
Keep them inside and reunite with every visiting tear.
No method works without question true loves stay with your body forever,
Even the labels your controls cant quite remember.
They always find their way back to you
Generally when you don’t wish them to.
Switched harmony illustrates his old stories told.
Without the most valued months for who live in cold
Beautiful was far away, behind shields of stripes
In a place where many cry themselves to sleep at night.
Begging to break through walls and see familiar faces
So lonely and sick of seeing the same blank faces.
Gratitude soars to the man above
For letting beauty breathe fresh air, learn, and love.
If he didn’t behave he would of seen evil before his eyes
I’m so relieved evil is no longer in front of mine.
Gone far away for stealing money and cars
Left my soulless body with copious scars
Mentally, physically and emotionally.
I’m still not healed fully.
Pulled the elastic off my wrist at this past moment
I had marks worse than that but I couldn’t show them.
Red gashes to cope with burning memories
Contemporary emotions in remaining pain are disturbed entities.
Threats to tread back into the old melancholy days
Singing your truth in the mirror to deal with the pain.
Make the tears fall slower and the breaths thick,
Finally healing now that I’ve received this beautiful gift
Always will he hold my hand and understand my thoughts
Not usually my words but he reminds me of things I’ve forgot.
He fills the spaces throughout my body when they’re empty
The taste of his lips remains when he has left me.
Now that I have something to live for I regret the threats to my mother
The ones that could have landed me in four blank walls to ponder.
The reasoning would be unacceptable behavior and an unstable head
Where miss lady of a stone slept in a lonely cold bed.
For the same pain as she makes him feel.
Numerous scores take more time to heal.
Shirtless simple named boy reveals a story on his body
Did his parents ever tell him playing with sharp things was naughty?
My mother would say it’s wrong to love and care for a new friend,
I don’t care, it tears me apart to see his heart twisted and bent.
Feelings stay hurt, but he knows an easy way,
He downs a few bottles just to feel okay.
Science is stressful
Stones are unexplainable.
Its obvious the trust is absent for both clueless mortals
Though trust is exceeding me and brother were real not formal.
We can believe we are family
We already act like family.
We can forget about our bloods when were together
Get away and forget with a natural inebriation
Throw our cares away and pretend every days is a celebration.
I don’t have to pretend because seeing you is always a special occasion
Any day I see you smile my heart takes one step back from abrasion.

The author's comments:
This poem came one normal day when I was riding the bus to school. I jotted down my surroundings, what i saw, how i felt, and then over a course of a week edited it, changed some words, added some lines and made it into a very complex poem/story.

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