A Once-Loved Beauty

April 17, 2011
By dogbiscuit34 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
dogbiscuit34 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Upon entering this room, I noticed
That the hall I was standing in was once
Tall, vibrant, full of glorious life
I could just imagine the people dancing in time
With the orchestra in the corner
I could picture women in huge dress
And noblemen in the finest suits
The huge columns were made of the finest marble,
The floors of ancient wood, stamped smooth
By the many dances and balls
The ceiling was arched and beautifully adorned
With paintings of clouds and angels
But as the glory of the room faded from my mind
And I awoke to that constant cold companion
That is reality,
I saw things as they really were.
The paint on the ceiling was nearly gone,
Faded away by time gone astray
The columns had long been gone,
Ripped out by some interior designer that just
“Had to have them”
The floors were full of rotten holes
Where mice and bugs had made their homes and laid their bones
And so I left that room
Left it as dark and dusty as it was
A testimony to a once-loved beauty.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by Poe's first-person narrative style

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