The Boy With Troubles

April 15, 2011
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There was once a boy who cared too much
He feared that his sports would give him a crutch,
And every test he took he thought he failed
He saw his dad and wished not to be impaled.

Little Timmy saw the worst in all he did
From the colonies to the x-y grid,
He studied and studied leaving out fun
He slept wishing to be shot with a gun.

Poor Timmy saw no light in the tunnel
His mind was filled to the brim like a funnel,
Much more could go in that what could come out
And one day he let it out with a shout.

Timmy was angry and stopped working hard
His grades dropped and he did not give regard,
Parents got madder and he got sadder
Nobody helped him up with a ladder.

Everything went crashing down for Tim
Nothing was right because his mood was grim,
Until he was told to go and have fun
He had fun and wished no more for that gun.

Soon enough Timmy got bored of having fun
He did sports again in which he had run,
He had time to study for just a bit
But this time fun was not to be omit.

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