March 25, 2011
By Danley GOLD, Boise, Idaho
Danley GOLD, Boise, Idaho
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"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

I can feel the cool air on my neck
The fog coursing over my body
The eerie feeling in my stomach
And the pounding of my heart against my chest

The dark of night encloses around me
My lungs growing colder
From running away from you
No, from your memory

It haunts me
It flows through my nightmares
And through my mind
Following me wherever I go

Haunting every step I take
Every road I walk,
Every dream I have,
It is always there

Reminding me of what we had
What we shared
What we cherished
And what never should have ended

The day you left
The day that haunts my memories
The day that you tore my heart from my chest
It took my soul with it

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