My First Kiss (Pub Sub 3)

March 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Holding my hand in your hands so gentle,
I felt as I was lost in your world.
Feeling the sense of your every nerve,
I felt as everything was turned.

Your soft hands were around my waist,
Touching me so soft so tight.
I felt as I was not on the ground,
And I felt like a flying kite.

My heart could feel the heartbeats so fast,
My breath could feel the warmth of yours.
My eyes could see the depth of an ocean,
In the deep blue innoncent eyes of yours.

The sensual feeling you aroused throughout me,
Making me feel like the princess of love.
I melt like the snow in your masculine arms,
And was waiting to hear some words.

You whispered the magical words in my ears,
Which I wished to hear a long time before.
You brought your lips closer to mine,
Kissing me so soft and touching me from core....

It was more soft than silk,
Sweeter than sugar,
But more than that-
It was my first Kiss...

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