Deaths Approach

March 25, 2011
By MrIsland9 BRONZE, St.peters, Missouri
MrIsland9 BRONZE, St.peters, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Looking leads to touching. Then you have a wife and two kids.

I walk on their land
Feet sinking into the moist mud
I haven’t eaten in 3 hours
He hasn’t eaten in 3 days

The battered baby boy collapses from exhaustion
In the sky decrepit vultures circle

inviting death

I can visualize the evil embrace approaching
as the sinister vultures have the nerve to land
they lurch closer and closer on the green grass ,
through brown withered hay
undaunted by the parents, me, or other animals

The boy forces himself up and trudges on
dragging feet across the mud
leaving a constant mark
Hoping for some food, the vultures soar off
awaiting the next helpless victim they find.

The author's comments:
I had an assignment. We looked at a picture and had to right about it.

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