5 o'clock Chow Down

March 25, 2011
By KellyFrost BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
KellyFrost BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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The faint scent of Lipton Onion sails through the air
Green beans sizzle on the stove
Warm, sticky steam blow kisses on my cheeks,
As potatoes, carrots, and roast beef swim in bubbling gravy

Plates clink in the cabinets; forks chime in the drawers, ice dances in their glasses
A family of five gathers around the table
Chatter, laughter, and arguing fill the air
As fresh food is cut and sweet soda is poured

Teeth sink into tender meat, spurts of gravy spilling on taste buds
Ice crashing against teeth, as bubbly soda slithers between the cubes
Warm gravy sloppily painting napkins and jeans
All as that family of five devours dinner

The author's comments:
It is a rule in my house that my family and I must all be home precisely at 5 o'clock to eat, no exceptions, ever.

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