Tree in the Distance

March 31, 2011
It is battered and blown,
And yet it prevails in the vicious winds, rain, snow, ice…

It stands tall,
Without disdain…

Animals of all species and sizes inhabit its trunk, its branches, its stump.
They gnaw at its roots, they hollow its heart, and yet it accepts them, allowing them to live in the haven of its shell,
Not prejudice against even one…


They have the Strength to stand up to oppressions and other elements of destruction,
They have Victory because they remain tall and proud despite circumstances,
They are Accepting of others, indiscriminate despite size or species – color, motives, actions, or beliefs,

And all of these add to one thing.
It is Powerful -
Strong enough to prevail and make itself Victorious despite the small defeats it experiences,
And at the same time, it Accepts whoever and whatever comes its way.
That is Power.

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Rachael12 said...
Apr. 29, 2011 at 10:46 am
I like the way you formatted this poem.  It really added.  I like writing about trees too! I just wrote one...called last one standing, cause it was the last one left.  It ryhmes..i like rhyming.  So we totally like definitely should become best friends cause we both love you accept?
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