Lost in the Woods

April 2, 2011
By Flyers BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
Flyers BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
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One time I was walking in the woods
I came to a split in the road
I decided to go neither path
But decided to go right through the center with my own path
I just kept circling around
I saw the same old tree over and over
There was a tree that was missing all the limbs on one side
No bark on the tree
I saw the same bald eagle over and over
Sounds of the same trees over and over
I could smell a fire that had been put out
And kept seeing more and more trees
I couldn’t find the path
Since I had made my own path
I regretted picking my own path
So I tried to follow my footsteps back out
But they kept circling
Then I could hear people and water in the distance
So I went there
Found boats and people
I told them they saved my life
Next time I take the path
So then I won’t die in the woods trying something new

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