March 10, 2011
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I am not the victim. I am the

I am the one who stands at
the top of the tower.
I am the one who sits on a throne
of enemy gold.
I an the first and the last.
Your kings bow to me, your queens swoon.
Men and women alike
Weep in my presence.
I am not your merciful protector
Your universal God.
Why should I dare contest the greatest of your culture?
Why should I pretend to rule the land with an iron fist no man before me has bestowed?
I niether dare nor pretend.
I do as I please.

and I do it well.

I do not want love.
I do not care to dote for a sole
a girl with painted features and programmable traits.
I strive for power,
invisible gold.
You will never reach my level
You will fear my wrath.
I will paint my capital
With the citizens blood.
Escape from this,
There is none.
Worlds are barely distinguishable in my fist.
I am the winner,

the king,

the vengeful God!
Beg me for the mercy
I have none of.
I will rob you of your hope.
I am the king

and you?

a pawn.

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