He heals me

March 11, 2011
By Anonymous

He heals me. Just by being who he is, he heals me.
By way he talks to me, in his deep, soothing, loving tone of voice he moves me in my very own times of trouble.
He’s like my rock, my superman and I, his kryptonite.
He’s like my daily dose of sunshine each day and I’m thankful to have him in my life.
Without him I’m no longer whole. He’s the piece that completes my puzzle.
Without him it’s like a beach with no sand, a bird with no song, a God with no plan.
He’s my protector, my gift from God, my heaven sent angel. No more walls I have to build anymore, no more hiding from feeling this way. It is just he and I today free…free to express our love in our own unique and beautiful way.
His love makes me feel like after the rain when the earth has been watered by God’s caring hand. The growth and beauty and colors it’s like God kissed it, and blessed the earth just by the love he has for this land.
It’s a beautiful thing what we have, he and I; because God is like the glue that holds both of us together making us feel so high that no one can touch us or even attempt to tear us down.
When he looks at me I know God had everything to do with him finding me, because when he does look at me, he sees me the way God would see me. Not shallowly, but genuinely he sees me for the beauty that I posses inside. He lets my beauty come from within. He’s my sand, he’s my song, he’s my very best friend.
So we go. Only to that place where lovers can vacate with their hearts as one; combined, intertwined in this world so full of pain and sadness, he’s like my outlet of joy and peace combined. On quiet summer nights when I look into the stars shine so bright I think of how in the world God had time to put each one of those amazing commits up there so high and still have the time to make one for me too. I feel so loved and thankful that God took the time out of his busy, busy, schedule to create someone so special just for me. Someone that is destined to spend the rest of his life with me. Someone who tells me I’m beautiful on a regular basis and shows me the world in a completely different way. Someone who would risk his life to protect me and make a promise to me to be with me always. Someone who brings out the best in me and I doing the same for him. There is no greater feeling in the world that can measure the joy he’s given me. And that right there is a beautiful thing. We’re so close to the point where no one can take what we have away…no one... and nothing. We don’t have to even try, because the second we’re together our hearts act like hands and pray then they grow their wings… and take to the sky. Two temples, one God, two hearts combined, take blossom, grow wings and take to the sky... flying so far away...so high our hearts take to the sky...and fly so far away…fly

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