The Demon Fox

March 24, 2011
By AlwaysAlone BRONZE, Palmer, Alaska
AlwaysAlone BRONZE, Palmer, Alaska
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Here it is
A red and white blur
It springs nimbly from side to side
It's tail swishing

You adore it
Seeing it for what it isn't
For it looks at you
With those round eyes
Full of wonder

But it deceives
It is a trickster
A demon
You see at night
From your worst nightmares

It whiskers twitch with delight
And it gives a Fox grin
An evil glint in it's eyes
You no heed

It looks cute but you are wrong
It cares for nothing
But itself in this terrible world
-Not helping-
As you slowly die

You reach out for it's help
But it just shakes it's head

And then see it
For what it truly is
A demon
A fraud
A liar

For it is
The Demon Fox

The author's comments:
This is how I view society. When you need it's help it sit by watching as you struggle. And then when you don't want it's help it ruins you life.

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