Summer on a Platter

March 24, 2011
By clairbair14 GOLD, Maplewood, New Jersey
clairbair14 GOLD, Maplewood, New Jersey
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The melon in the sky
A fruit of Eden most ripe in its yellows and golds
Lying on the freshest washed platter of blue
With whipped cream dots dripped and dipped in puffs and wisps over the plate
Almost as fluffy as the vanilla desert
Milky white in the sky it lies
Wrapped and blaring against its ebony sheets
And to me, the world seems just like a milkshake
Freshly shaken with a flurry of wind
Citrusy in scent
Of flowers and evergreens burst through their protecting leaves
And the day needs not be filled by anything but the golden
Light, air, breeze and laughter
Warmed to just the right temperature
Windows are no barrier as we sit at our desks
Tests doesn’t hold back the wind that whips my hair
Hair darker then the golden and reds that glimmer within
Like forgotten rubies in their coal black mine
But hair lighter then darkness of a hollow filled night
Instead brimming with warmth and fullness, swimming in everlasting chords of song
And even wind cannot free it like my soul is free
A butterfly to spread its wings and melt into the world
In a story of shorts
A daydream of nail-polish dipped toes
A wish of beached blue eyes
Absorbed by us through those screens that cannot hold back the golden
Light, love, wishes, freedom and content
A window that doesn’t filter out any flavor from that melon in the sky
Any more then it filters out pure white light
Soft in its glare,
but more illuminating then even a million candles lighting a curtained room
And if I had to live a life of windows
Stuck in a greenhouse,
With the company of the impish plants so cleverly unfurling their outstretched green palms
I could live, a plant myself, arching my back to the golden
Light, smiles, warmth, beauty of all else outside
As long as I could look and imagine
Staring at those people I know, my own sense of security, and let window lines fade
As long as we shared
The sand in our hair
The love in our stare
And the golden reflected in the blue of our eyes

The author's comments:
I will admit, I wrote this while daydreaming in class on the really pretty day, and i liked it so I submitted it! hope you enjoy

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