Prayer To The Moon

March 24, 2011
By Anonymous

I cried silently.

I was left behind,
Forgotten about.
I sat quietly waiting,
Hoping that someone would remember.
I now felt as small as a spec of dust,
Praying no one would blow me away.

I used to control my life,
But now someone else is.
I was never noticed,
When I asked for help.
Instead I was walked by,
Brushed off to the side.

I felt alone,
But my heart told me I wasn’t.
There was no one with me,
No one to comfort me.
My mind said, no one cares about you,
But my heart said otherwise.

I was left behind,
Forgotten about.
I sat quietly,
Hoping that someone would remember,
I cried silently,
My heart was shattered.

I searched for love,
But was always lost.
I stared for hours gazing at the moon,
Jealous of all its companions.
As I felt dead,
I knew I was alive.

There had to be more to life,
But for me there was nothing.
Life wasn’t meant to be painful,
Or heartbreaking.
I t was meant to have laughing,
And love.

I prayed that night,
Praying to God.
I wasn’t going to give up,
Not this time.
I cried mutely,
But this time it was from bliss.

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sarahthueson said...
on May. 1 2011 at 12:16 pm
i would just like to say... i wrote this.

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