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Aggressive Music

You overindulgent fool,
You can’t tame me for I am strong.
Look at you; you think you’re so cool,
Now shut up and listen to my song.
I’ll pound on the drums,
Boom, boom, bang
Until they bleed that sweet note.
Your guitar will feel my mighty strums,
Boom, boom, bang
When really my hand is at your throat.
I’ll tap dance on the key boards,
Boom, boom, bang
Until they let out a shrill screech.
Bring on the antagonistic hoards.
Boom, boom, bang
I want you to beg you leech.
Why are you crawling away?
Boom, boom, bang
We’re just beginning to have fun.
Get on your knees and pray.
Boom, boom, bang
I have no gun but you’re still done.
You’re a lucky guy, you know?
Boom, boom, bang
Lucky your drum still beats;
Lucky I didn’t strike that final blow,
Boom, boom, bang
Boom, boom, bang
Boom, boom, bang
Not yet at least.

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