Roman Rule

March 24, 2011
By Anonymous

As I sat at my desk
My pencil tapping
I could not focus on the essay
That we were assigned to write
But how could one write
If they were not passionate about it?

My mind wandered away from the pens and words
To pictures and colors and symbols
To a fantasy place my imagination cook up
Where everything meant something to somebody

As my brain sat above the clouds
My body's knuckles felt a sharp tap with a ruler
I looked up with unseeing eyes to a lady in black
She spoke, while my mind slowly slowly descended from the clouds and through the ceiling
Where finally I understood what she was saying

A sudden rush of emotion
I stood up, the hard chair scraping
I let my emotions out
Yelling, letting the injustice of her words course through mine

I was in the cold stone hallway
supposedly thinking about what I did wrong

But I let my mind float back to the clouds
Where there are no words and pens

Just rich color pencils and symbols and pictures and the clouds

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